Fees & Insurance

We are committed to offering you a comprehensive membership practice experience at an affordable price.

We Accept Insurance

We are affiliated with the following insurance plans. Please contact us at (703) 241-8768 if you have any questions about insurance.

  • Aetna
  • GEHA
  • Coventry

To confirm acceptance of your particular plan, please call the office at (703) 241-8768.

When you receive care from our practice, we’ll be happy to submit the claim to your insurance company on your behalf. You’ll be expected to pay for any applicable co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance, or non-covered services in a timely manner.

If you don’t have health insurance for your primary care visits, you may pay out-of-pocket, in full, at the time of the appointment based on our fee schedule below.

We strive to provide services to all of our patients at or below the typical fee that providers in the 22044 zip code area accept as payment from insurance companies, as per the Healthcare Blue Book. Please note, the insurance rate is the rate we are required by contract to charge your insurance company. If you have a high deductible plan, and rarely if ever meet your deductible, it may be better to pay the cash price and submit the receipt to your insurance company yourself (we can help you do this).

Membership Fees

As a membership patient in our practice, you’ll be asked to join Privia Health. The monthly membership fee is a small fraction of what many “concierge medicine” physicians in our area charge ($2,000 or more per year) - and typically those physicians do not offer the breadth of wellness benefits that are included in our Privia membership. We feel ours is a much better value for our patients.

Membership Fees
Privia Silver Membership $15 per month
Privia Gold Membership $45 per month  ($25 per month if you are under age 40)
Privia Platinum Membership $75 per month

Fee Schedule

Service Member
Office Visit (New Patient) $75 $95 $145 - $215
Office Visit (Established Patient) $65 $95 $86 - $285
Home Visit $125 $195 $269
Annual Physical (Not Including Lab Work) $65 $145 $285
Office Procedures:
EKG $25 $50 $58
I&D (Abscess) $150 $200 $225
Drain or Inject Joint $55 $75 $159
Laceration (Superficial) $200 $300 $320
Laceration (Deep) $250 $400 $500
Lab Work:
CBC (Complete Blood Count) $20 $40 Billed by Lab
Comprehensive Metabolic $20 $45 Billed by Lab
Lipids $25 $45 Billed by Lab
PSA $45 $45 Billed by Lab
TSH (Thyroid) $20 $40 Billed by Lab
Testosterone (Total) $50 $60 Billed by Lab
Urinalysis $20 $20 Billed by Lab
Pap (Traditional) $40 $50 Billed by Lab
Pap (Thin Prep) $50 $90 Billed by Lab
Chlamydia $65 $70 Billed by Lab
HIV $50 $50 Billed by Lab
Flu $15 $20 $25
Tetanus Booster $40 $50 $50
Testosterone Injection (per 100mg) $30 $30 $30
Botox $225 $300 Not Covered
Scar Revision $250 $350 Not Covered
Lipoma Removal $250 $350 - $450 Not Covered

These are just examples of our fee schedule. Please feel free to call about a specific lab, procedure or service. We invite you to learn more About Us and to Join Now.